A Letter from Rob Martin, General Manager, Salesgenie

It’s that time of year! We’ve officially entered the holiday season and like it or not, 2017 is just around the corner. Whether you’ve had a great year in sales or a poor one, it’s important to start thinking ahead regarding those sales you’ll need to achieve in 2017–and how you’ll get them.

At Salesgenie, my team has a tried and true way of setting goals. Around this time of year I’ll sit down with my team to establish three to five Management by Objectives (MBOs). It’s important to note that a good MBO will not only be measurable, it will also help you grow. I often encourage my team members to look at MBOs that will help them increase conversions and order size, thereby growing their overall sales. Ultimately those MBOs link back to things like different offers we can test, products or services that may help enhance customer experience, and what industries we tapped into the year previously that we might be able to delve into a little deeper in the new year.

Once your MBOs are set, it’s time to take action. Don’t forget that with every MBO, you also must:

  • Set goals: What are some smaller goals you can set that will help you achieve the overall MBO you set?
  • Lay Out a Plan: You will never achieve the goals you set without having a firm plan in place. While it’s perfectly fine to adjust your plan throughout the year, they’re a necessary starting point.
  • Push Forward: We often start out with grand intentions in the New Year, but forget how hard it can be to reach goals. Remember that with every “no” you get closer to a “yes.”
  • Keep Track: Write down the things that work and the things that didn’t as you worked to reach those MBOs in 2017. You’ll see how far you’ve come and realize how far you can go.

Whether you’re focusing on a new audience in 2017, launching a new product, or testing out new offers it’s imperative that you’re constantly aware of what you’re doing and how you can improve. That’s what leads to reaching, and blowing past, your sales goals.

Wishing you the best in your 2017 sales efforts,