Data Corner: March 2014

As the leading compiler of business and consumer data, we’re constantly working to ensure you get the best information possible. Here’s what the experts in our Database and Technology Center have been up to lately.

2013 In Review

We’ve had a busy 12 months! The following are just a few of the highlights from the past year:

  • 1.8 million U.S. businesses added
  • Over 2 million business email addresses added
  • Close to 35 million verification calls made
  • Nearly 1 million updates to primary SICs and over 2 million updates to secondary SICs made

We saw a jump in the number of health clinics (up 22.16%). With 10.5k new locations, beauty salons increased by 4.32%. The number of electric charging stations soared—going from 202 to 6,802 records. And yes, video rental kiosks really are popping up everywhere; we added 43k to our database last year alone!

People apparently still really like to eat out, as 121k new restaurants were added (a 22.32% increase). Cellular telephone services are also seeing continued growth (13.91%), and the popularity of dollar stores helped general merchandise – retail see a 27.81% jump. E-cigarette retailers saw an 856% boost in total records and earned their own SIC category.

Finally, we added over 115,000 specialties to our physician records—from allergy and immunology to thoracic surgery—making it easier than ever to target your ideal prospects.

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