How to Plan Your 2019 the Right Way

If you want your 2019 sales and marketing objectives to be successful, you need to double-check the foundation of your campaigns to make sure your plans for your customers and prospects can support your goals.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself before building out your strategy:

1. Do you know who your customers are?
Let’s go back to basics. Who are your best customers? What makes them unique? These are the people you will want to get to know better.

2. Have you profiled your customers?
A part of lifestyle segmentation, profiling your customers means understanding their demographic and/or firmographic characteristics, as well as knowing what they like and various interests or hobbies that matter to them. You can use this data to your advantage when planning special promotions or looking for new prospects with similar characteristics of your best customers.

3. Is your data clean and up to date?
Starting the new year with bad data is bad for business. Make sure your contacts are up to date with current addresses, phone numbers, and emails. In the United States, companies lose $3.1 trillion per year due to bad data.

4. How many prospects look like your best customers?
Remember that one customer or client that did $1,000 in sales with you last year? Audience segmentation can find you similar prospects who may provide the same results.

5. Do you know who your best prospects are?
Once you’ve learned all you need about your target audience, it becomes much easier to identify your best prospects who can provide the highest return on investment.

6. Do you need help marketing to your target audience?
If you haven’t looked into multi-channel marketing, it’s not too late! When you pair online display advertising with an existing campaign like direct mail or email, you can improve conversions by 300%.

Know your customer, update contacts, and freshen up data. If you want your 2019 sales and marketing efforts to be successful start with these data-driven components. They will give you the edge you need.