Infogroup Provides the Best Data. Here’s Why

You’re often told that the data Salesgenie provides you with via Infogroup is the best data in the industry.The question remains – how do we prove it? Recently, Infogroup sponsored an independent audit to determine where their data was on-track versus where they could afford to invest in value-added improvements.


Infogroup commissioned The University of Nebraska – Omaha, College of Information Science and Technology (IS and T) to act as an independent agent to perform an in-depth and blind audit of the Infogroup Consumer Database and four other data providers – Acxiom, Epsilon, Experian, and KBM.

IS and T faculty refined the study methodology to ensure it provided equal and fair treatment to all five data providers. Their sampling strategy was reflective of the entire U.S. population using a 95% confidence level and a low margin of error. They received more than one hundred thousand records from each provider for the audit.

To measure the accuracy of each company’s household demographics, the study used the “voice of the consumer” by conducting live telephone surveys with a representative sample. The final result was an accuracy ranking between 1 and 5, with 5 being the best. This enabled IS and T to group statistically similar results together and deliver findings that are valid at a 95% confidence level.

Key Findings

Although the other data companies provided comparable quality on several of the elements being measured, there were significant statistical differences across Age, Marital Status, Income and Presence of Children.


Infogroup consistently delivers the highest quality and most accurate data, enhancing our clients’ success in their targeted marketing campaigns and analytic programs. Only Infogroup and one other provider had all elements rank as either 1st or 2nd. Not only does this study confirm our data quality and efforts to date, it will also direct additional database investments to improve performance. This will ensure our clients ability to access and leverage the most accurate consumer data assets possible.

We take pride in our customer-centric service model, the completeness and accuracy of our data assets, and the cost effective multi-channel solutions available for both retention and acquisition marketing campaigns. Our clients find that this combination drives the best overall experience and the best business results for their marketing programs.
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