The Psychology of Buying, Part 2

Consumers + conversions = success. It’s a simple formula, but what are you supposed to do when things just aren’t adding up to the sales you want? Formulas are all well and good, but we like to think of good marketing more like chemistry. The intensity of your reaction is only as good as the quality of your ingredients. That’s why having high-quality consumer leads and stronger campaigns crafted with the right ingredients can help you redefine your sales funnel for greater marketing success.


Quick Overview

The sales funnel is the distance between your consumers and the buy button. Making that distance as short as possible is, therefore, essential. It’s also hard, with many companies unable to convert traffic into results.

Salesgenie recommends re-thinking your conversion marketing. Use these seven suggestions to optimize your content and attract consumer leads:

  • Identify Buyer Personas (demographics and firmographics)
  • Create Custom Sale Lead Lists
  • Improve Your Shopping Cart
  • Embrace Mobile Formatting
  • Provide Proof of Quality
  • Avoid Complicated Pages
  • Test Content Constantly

Learn to enhance your sales lead marketing techniques and connect with your customers.


Types of Conversion Marketing

Much confusion centers on conversion marketing. Companies assume that the only sales leads that matter are the ones earned from shopping carts. The truth, however, is far better – opportunities for customer engagement are many and varied. For example:

  • App Downloads
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Social Media Shares
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Advertisement Clicks

These options combine to generate steady consumer leads. Want to know how many? A recent study from Marketingsherpa revealed that the average site experiences a 7% overall conversion rate:

  • Professional or Financial Services: 10%
  • Media Publishing: 10%
  • Other: 8%
  • Education or Healthcare: 8%
  • Software/SaaS: 7%
  • Technology Equipment or Hardware: 5%
  • Manufacturing or Packaged Goods: 4%
  • Travel or Hospitality: 4%
  • Retail or eCommerce: 3%
  • Non-Profit: 2%

Where does your company fall on this scale? If you follow these seven suggestions, you’ll gain some much-needed percentage points.


How to Increase Conversions

Inspiring consumer loyalty – and interest – is difficult. It’s not, however, impossible. By correcting the issues found within your sales funnel, you improve relationships and create conversions.


Identify Buyer Personas

The leads process starts with (you guessed it) the customer. Know who your buyers are, what they need, and what they want. Create personas that highlight the traits you value most.


Create Custom Sales Lead Lists

Once you know your ideal customer, seek him or her out! Create custom lists with help from Salesgenie. We offer extensive consumer and business databases, with over 29 billion records (including tax assessments, voter registrations, and bill processors) to mine. Input your search needs into our system and let us instantly generate contact information for both B2B and B2C ventures.


Improve Your Shopping Cart

The conversion experience too often ends at the shopping cart. Why? Because they’re poorly designed! Consider these statistics, as provided by CPC Strategy:

  • 68%% of consumers abandon their shopping carts
  • 47% of these consumers claim it’s because of slow load times
  • 22% of these consumers claim it’s because of too little shipping data
  • 15% of these consumers claim it’s because of out-of-stock inventories
  • 2% of these consumers claim it’s because of payment processing problems

Create a better shopping cart. Streamline the interface, utilize fluid grid language, and remove all special characters from your source code. This will improve the overall speed and functionality, keeping consumers on-site and happy.


Embrace Mobile Formatting

Smartphones once weren’t so smart – and so their usage was limited. During the last few years, advances from Apple, Android, Microsoft, and other digital giants have made it easy to access information from any screen and any location. Consumers take advantage of this, using their devices more and more for searching and shopping. Consider this report from KPCB:


Year Hourly Mobile Usage
2010 0.4
2011 0.8
2012 1.6
2013 2.3
2014 2.6
2015 2.8


Smartphones are here to stay and your conversion strategy depends on them. Update your site for the mobile market. Use responsive design including flexible grids, CSS language, large touch icons, scaled images, and parallax animation to make consumers feel welcome on every screen.


Provide Proof of Quality

You are one of many including many companies, many product providers, and many service options. Why should consumers convert through your site instead of the competition? Show them your quality! Prove that you are indeed the best option for their needs, highlighting:

  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Third-Party Reviews
  • Case Studies

This inspires trust, which, in turn, inspires leads.


Avoid Complicated Pages

Simple is best, especially in regards to web pages. Keep your site easy to read and easier to navigate, delivering clear directions of where consumers should go: inventory lists, shopping carts, app hubs, and more. Don’t lose precious traffic due to confusing layouts or overly-complicated directories. Leave only a few clicks between your data and your buy buttons.


Test Content Constantly

No sales funnel is perfect. Consistent (and constant) testing proves key, therefore, to bolstering your leads. Tweak your site content, ad copy, blogs, and more to identify which data attracts consumers – and which has them leaving the site long before the buy button is hit. Perform regular A/B experiments to improve insight into what works, what doesn’t, and what just needs a little help.

Confused by the A/B process? We suggest seeking help from Usabilityhub (or similar third-party sites). Take advantage of intuitive testing platforms, creating unique campaigns that vary in: color, layout, logo design, and other key features. Send these campaigns directly to your consumers then, receiving immediate feedback on what appeals and what repels. This allows you to more efficiently design your content and ensures stronger sales.


The Salesgenie Connection

By improving your site’s functionality and appeal, you increase your conversions; and with those conversions comes better sales. Sound good? Let’s get started! Contact Salesgenie today to learn more about targeting sales leads. We’ll connect you to marketing experts, custom search functions, and extensive North American databases:

United States

  • 25 million U.S. businesses
  • 4 million new U.S. businesses
  • 245 million U.S. consumers


  • 1.5 million Canadian businesses
  • 38,000 new Canadian businesses
  • 13 million Canadian households

Use these comprehensive databases to access information, find consumers, and tailor your content. Contact and convert!

Be sure to take advantage of our mobile-formatting as well, accessing your lead lists in real-time and staying on top of every trend.



It’s easy to memorize the formula for success: more conversions = greater results. By following these seven steps, as well as using Salesgenie’s automated system, you improve your company’s performance – and what’s better than that?

Want to know more about consumer sales leads? Contact Salesgenie today!