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Custom Sales and Marketing Solution For Your Company


With Salesgenie, you get powerful sales, prospecting, and marketing tools—all in one convenient online application. Take advantage of Salesgenie to reduce your prospecting time, find quality B2B and B2C sales leads, and increase your close rates.


  • CRM integration to quickly move data into your current system
  • A handy mobile app to stay connected no matter where you go
  • Salesgenie Enhance to update your current data
  • Salesgenie Lead Manager™ to help you stay organized
  • Direct mail and email marketing tools to deliver your message
  • Google Mapping for easier prospecting while you’re in the field
  • Salesgenie Dialer to research, call, and manage your leads
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Salesgenie Enterprise Features

Custom Solutions

Build Custom Models
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Build Custom Models

Our services span a broad range of analytical offerings that support the full sales and marketing lifecycle, including strategic planning and ROI-based marketing measurement.

API (Salesgenie Connect™)
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API (Salesgenie Connect™)

Salesgenie integrates with third party applications including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, providing targeted sales leads and rich insights into your prospects.  Arm your sales team with the intelligence they need to remain confident throughout every step of the sales cycle.

Lead Qualification (Data Axle™)
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Lead Qualification (Data Axle™)

This platform ensures that your business is connected with both content and informational assets in real-time. Use it to both grow and maximize not only your data assets, but also your marketing campaigns and your overall business.

Dedicated Training & Support
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Dedicated Training & Support

At Salesgenie, we don’t just deliver great data and marketing tools. We also strive to deliver an excellent customer care experience. Each of our sales and marketing professionals are educated in-depth on every single one of our products and services. Whatever your question, know that you can contact us at any time for the answer.

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Complete prospecting solution for you

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Used By Thousands of Small and Medium Businesses

  • "As a business owner, it is important to target vertical markets and connect with new clients to continually grow my business. I find using Salesgenie easy, and with their new look in format to target my prospects I can stay on top of my call and email marketing calendar. Their customer service is #1 in my book; I get the answers I need in a timely manner. I highly recommend Salesgenie."

    Tina Louis Penn,

  • “My company has been using Salesgenie for many years. As a commercial brokerage company, we need to create lists of certain users for the marketing of our lease listings. Salesgenie is very easy to work with, and our rep is also very helpful. Great product and customer support, for sure!”

    IPC3838, posted on

  • "Salesgenie is a very important tool for our business. We are business brokers, which means we help people get the best possible results when they buy or sell a privately held business. Salesgenie lets us quickly and easily obtain targeted leads for our marketing efforts. I remember when we had to spend days getting the information that we can now get in minutes—and we can import it directly into our contact management program in seconds!!!"

    BusinessTeam, posted on

  • "In the two years that I have subscribed to Salesgenie, the system has more than paid for itself. I recommend it to all of my fellow real estate agents when they are about to launch a cold calling campaign."

    Justin Ross, posted on