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What are the guidelines for using automobile data for marketing purposes?

When using automobile data in marketing copy, VIN should never be included. The following are examples of acceptable and unacceptable wording for marketing use.

Acceptable Wording:

  • If you own a 2006-2008 Dodge … (Use years in ranges)
  • If you own a 2005-2008 Toyota Camry … (Use year ranges and model)
  • There is a high demand for Toyota Camry, if you are driving a 2008 or older model …
  • There is a high demand for Honda Accords and Civics, if you own …
  • If you own a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury … (Use several makes)
  • If you own a 2006 Dodge, Chrysler, Eagle, Jeep (using year and several makes)
  • Possible offer for a Honda Accord = $ XX,XXX

Unacceptable Wording:
Generally, the guideline is that year, make, and model of the specific vehicle should not all be used together, and references to the recipient’s specific vehicle should be more “vague”. Unacceptable usage includes:

  • {Name}, you are approved to exchange your 2008 Nissan Sentra
  • We want your 2007 Ford Expedition
  • If you own a 2007 Ford Expedition
  • Possible offer for your Honda Accord = $XX,XXX
  • Any inclusion of VIN (Vehicle ID Number) in the mail piece
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