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What is Market Penetration Rate and how is it calculated?

Hovering over the “?” next to the word “Rate” in the details table header under “Market Penetration” will display the definition and clicking on the “Learn More” link will show you a more detailed explanation and how the Rate is calculated for each demographic/firmographic value.

The Rate is a percent representing the overlap in records between user’s list and the Benchmark list for a given demographic/firmographic value. It represents the count of each demographic/firmographic value covered in the user’s list compared to the count of the same value in the Benchmark file expressed as a percentage. It is calculated by taking the number of records of a specific demographic/firmographic value in the user’s list divided by the number of records of the same demographic/firmographic value in the Benchmark File multiplied by 100.

(i.e. for the $100K – $124,999 Income value the user’s list has 29,639 records having this value and the Benchmark File has 292,192 records of the same value. The calculation would be 29,639 / 292,192 X 100 = 10.14%. The user’s list that contains records with an Income of $100K – $124,999 are 10.14% compared to that list’s surrounding geographic area (Benchmark) that has an Income of $100K – $124,999).



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