Salesgenie Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to sort my list?

You can sort your list by clicking on any of the column headings. The arrows allow you to sort in ascending or descending order. You can choose an additional column heading from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your list.

What fields are available for search?

The following search options are available:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Number of Vehicles in the household
  • Purchase date
  • Mileage
  • Drive type
  • Fuel type
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle class
  • Vehhicle origin
  • Only households with automobile data available
How do I view detailed profiles in my list?

To view additional information for a single record, you have several options:

  • Click on the magnifying glass for a quick view of additional information.
  • Click on the business/consumer name to see a complete listing.
  • Click on the box next to the business/consumer name(s), and then click on the View Details button to see a complete listing. If more than one record is chosen, you can page through each listing from the top left-hand corner of the details screen.
What’s the difference between a lead credit and an automobile credit?

Downloading a U.S. Consumer record that does not contain automobile data will deduct a lead credit only. Downloading a U.S. Consumer record that includes automobile data will deduct both a lead credit and an automobile credit.

What is Automobile Data?

Automobile Data is an add-on subscription for the Salesgenie U.S. Consumer database. Salesgenie now has automobile information, such as make, model, year, and mileage for approximately 65 million households.

How do I build a list?

To build a list, click on the Custom Search button next to the desired database. Then use the category links on the left-hand side of the page to customize your list. When all desired search criteria have been selected for each category, click the Save Selections button; the results will automatically be displayed. Simply add or remove criteria to get your count to the desired level.

How do I save a list?

There are 3 simple steps to save your list.

  1. Set up your search parameters
  2. Click on the “Save” icon on the top of your results page.
  3. Name your list and click on “Save”

You will see your saved list on your home page.

How do I download my records?

The total number of records you can download is limited based on your subscription or trial period.

To download, click on the box next to the record(s) you want to download or use the box at the top to automatically check all records. Then click on the Download button and follow the directions to select your file format and the level of detail desired.

How do I print my records?

The total number of records you can print is limited based on your subscription or trial period.

To print, click on the box next to the record(s) you want to print, or use the box at the top to automatically check all records. Then click on the Print button and follow the directions to select your print options and view/print your records.

When can I expect to see the results of a business database add/change request?

Business records must be verified over the phone before they can be added or changed in the database. This process can take up to 60 days.

How do I remove my business record from your database?

All Infogroup/Salesgenie information is compiled from public sources. To remove your business information from our database, please send a removal request on company letterhead to the following address:

Attn: Content Feedback
1020 E. 1st Street
Papillion, NE 68046

You can also fax your request to 402.836.3993, or email

How can I add my business or personal information to your databases?

Click here to add or update your business listing.

To protect consumers’ privacy, we are not able add information to our consumer database on request. Consumer records are updated upon receipt of local telephone directories.

How do you compile your databases?

We compile our business database from a wide variety of sources, such as:

  • U.S. and Canadian Yellow Page directories
  • New business filings
  • Daily utility connections
  • Press releases
  • Corporate websites
  • Annual reports
  • User-generated feedback

But we don’t stop there. To ensure your data is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, we make 24 million calls each year.

Our consumer database is gathered from more than 100 sources, including:

  • Real estate and tax assessments
  • Voter registration files
  • Utility connections
  • Bill processors
  • Behavioral data
  • And many other sources

We are constantly updating our consumer records—rebuilding the database monthly—to guarantee that you get the most current and accurate information possible.

How accurate is your data?

We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure the data you access is as accurate and complete as possible. In fact, we invest more than $20 million annually and employ more than 350 full-time researchers to compile and verify the information in our databases.

It’s this attention to detail that delivers consistently higher levels of accuracy and deliverability over the competition. In fact, our most recent competitive audit conducted by the University of Nebraska–Omaha found an accuracy level of 96.1% for company name, address, and phone number.

But we also recognize that no database can be perfect. Businesses are constantly closing, executives changing, and 20 percent of the consumer population moves every year. And while 100-percent accuracy is our goal, it is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is natural to receive a small amount of outdated information.

You are always covered by our satisfaction guarantee, and we will gladly replace any portion of your list that’s undeliverable, out of date, or disconnected.

Do I get all vehicles for a household when I export?

Yes, we will provide up to 10 vehicles per household when the data is exported from Salesgenie.

Where does the automobile data come from?

The data is captured from sources such as oil change shops, service centers, dealerships, and other permission-based automotive sources.

Is the automobile data in compliance with the Shelby Act?

Yes, the automobile data sourcing methodology is fully compliant with Shelby Legislation. The Shelby Act applies to information obtained from the state, such as the DMV or the secretary of state. Our data is not from any state-provided sources.

What is “purchase date?”

The purchase date is the transaction date listed with the data source providing the first known relationship between the vehicle and the owner.

What are the guidelines for using automobile data for marketing purposes?

When using automobile data in marketing copy, VIN should never be included. The following are examples of acceptable and unacceptable wording for marketing use.

Acceptable Wording:

  • If you own a 2006-2008 Dodge … (Use years in ranges)
  • If you own a 2005-2008 Toyota Camry … (Use year ranges and model)
  • There is a high demand for Toyota Camry, if you are driving a 2008 or older model …
  • There is a high demand for Honda Accords and Civics, if you own …
  • If you own a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury … (Use several makes)
  • If you own a 2006 Dodge, Chrysler, Eagle, Jeep (using year and several makes)
  • Possible offer for a Honda Accord = $ XX,XXX

Unacceptable Wording:
Generally, the guideline is that year, make, and model of the specific vehicle should not all be used together, and references to the recipient’s specific vehicle should be more “vague”. Unacceptable usage includes:

  • {Name}, you are approved to exchange your 2008 Nissan Sentra
  • We want your 2007 Ford Expedition
  • If you own a 2007 Ford Expedition
  • Possible offer for your Honda Accord = $XX,XXX
  • Any inclusion of VIN (Vehicle ID Number) in the mail piece
What is Salesgenie Team?

Salesgenie Team is a multiuser solution that gives sales managers the ability to create lead lists, assign leads, track progress, and share notes and activity with and amongst team members.

What are the different levels of access for Salesgenie Team?

There are currently two levels of access for Salesgenie Team:

  1. Admins have the ability to build prospect lists and assign leads
  2. Users have the ability to view and work assigned leads. Users do not have search access.
What reporting is available?

Admins have access to reporting through graphs and .csv files. Reports show data on each Users’ activity, such as number of leads worked, lead status, and notes added.

Can I run marketing campaigns?

Yes, Admins and Users can purchase email, direct mail, and calling campaigns at an additional cost.

Can I assign leads or view assigned leads through the mobile app?

No, the Salesgenie mobile app currently does not support Salesgenie Team.

How can my team view consumer phone numbers?

Admins can submit their business’s subscription account number (SAN) for all Users. Once team members accept the SAN’s terms and conditions, they will be able to view consumer phone numbers.

What is a list?

A list is a saved set of records and search criteria used to manage record assignments and progress. Admins can access lists from the home page. Users will only see lists assigned to them.

How do I change my list criteria?

Once a list has been saved, Admins can view and edit the list criteria from the list action menu, which is accessible from the home page lists view as well as from the top right side of the results page.

Is there a limit on lists or assignments?

Currently, there is no limit on lists or the number of records that can be assigned.

Can lists be deleted?

Admins can delete a list, removing it from the team lists. Lead assignments associated with the deleted list will also be removed.

What is a list message and where can I access it?

Messages can be added to each team list. This feature is accessible from the home page as well as the results page. Once a message has been added, all team members will see the following icon indicating a message is available.

How does a record become worked within a list?

Worked status is tracked at the list level. Records are automatically set to worked status when a User assigns a note, schedules a follow-up, changes the disposition, or makes a dialer call. Worked status can also be manually added or removed from the right-panel action menu.

What do the blue dots in my assigned leads list signify?

The presence of a blue dot indicates that the record is unworked. When the record enters “worked” status, the blue dot will automatically disappear.

Does it cost a credit to assign a lead?

No, assigning leads does not deduct lead credits.

What is the process for assigning leads?

After creating and saving a list, Admins can assign leads out to team members by clicking on the “assign” icon.

What are the different assignment options available for assignment?

Salesgenie Team give Admins the power to assign leads in five ways:

  1. Custom split allows Admins to assign a custom number of records to team members.
  2. Fixed split allows Admins to assign the same number of records to each team member.
  3. Even split allows Admins to divide the records evenly amongst team members.
  4. Single assignment allows an Admin to assign all records to one team member.
  5. Individual lead assignments can be made from the right-quick summary panel.
Why can’t I access custom and fixed assignment types when I have assigned leads in my queue?

Fixed and custom assignment types are unavailable when trying to assign records that are already assigned to other team members.

Can records be reassigned?

Yes, leads can be reassigned from one team member to another in two ways.

  1. From the “Your Lists” section of your home page, click “Reassign Assign” from the action menu and select the new team member; this will reassign all of the original assignee’s leads to that individual.
  2. When in the list view, choose either the “assigned to” or “worked status” filters and choose which records to reassign.
    Reassigned records will retain all notes and history from the previously assigned team member.
Can other Admins or Users on my account see my notes?

Yes, notes are visible by any member on the team.

Can Users see campaigns submitted by other Users?

Campaign activity is not currently shared.

Can other Admins or Users see my follow-ups?

Admins can see all Users’ follow-ups on the follow-ups page. Users will only see their own follow-ups on the follow-ups page.

Can other Admins or Users see my lead status?

Yes, lead status is set at the record level. For example, if User A has ABC company set as a hot lead, User B will also see this status.

Can other Admins or Users see my tags?

Yes, tags are visible by any member on the team. Tags can also be added or removed by any team member.

Can I export leads when using Salesgenie Team?

Admins can print, download, and transfer leads to a contact manager or CRM (i.e., Credits will be deducted accordingly.
Users do not have the ability to print, download, or transfer leads.

Can I upload a customer data file?

Admins can upload their customer files with a Customer Data subscription. Users do not have this capability.

Do I have access to bought records and credits?

Admins have access to credits and bought records, but Users do not.

How do I get myself and my team started on Salesgenie Team?

To learn how to set up your Users and get started using Salesgenie Team, please review our handy Quick Start Guide.

What is the length of my subscription agreement?

Your subscription agreement is effective for 12 months. At the end of that time, and on each subsequent annual anniversary of the invoice date, your subscription will be renewed at the current rate.

How do I get access to additional databases?

Salesgenie offers a variety of databases that can be purchased through your dedicated sales representative, including New Business, New Movers, and Canadian databases. For a customized package, please call your sales representative.

Are campaigns included as part of my subscription?

Salesgenie offers the ability to send email or direct mail campaigns to prospects at an additional cost. These services are not currently included with the subscription pricing.

Are email addresses included as part of my subscription?

Business emails are available at an additional cost of $.50 each. Email credits are separate from lead credits, and can be purchased online or through your sales representative. Salesgenie also has email services available to our subscribers for an additional cost. These include having email addresses appended to your current database and creating and sending email campaigns.

How soon will I have access to my credits?

When the annual payment is paid up front, all of the credits are added to your account as soon as the order has processed (generally within 30 minutes). When paying monthly, your credits will be allocated on a monthly basis.

What are credits?

A lead credit can be used to export data from Salesgenie. With your paid subscription, you have unlimited access to view detailed lead information. Credits are deducted from the account when you print, download, or transfer a lead from the Salesgenie application. We offer packages that include 500 and 1000 credits per month. For a customized credit package or to learn more about how credits work, call your dedicated sales representative.

How long will it take to process my order?

Orders are generally processed and approved within 30 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is complete.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or PayPal.
Note: We do not currently accept payments via PayPal’s eCheck option.

What are the payment terms of my subscription agreement?

You have two payment options:

  1. Annual – You can choose to pay an annual subscription fee at the time of order and receive all your credits up front.
  2. Monthly – You can authorize Infogroup to charge your credit card every month (until you choose to cancel your agreement). Your credits will be allocated monthly.
What are the cancellation terms?

After the initial 12-month period, you may cancel your subscription by providing Infogroup with 30 days’ prior written notice.

How long will it take to create and send my direct mail campaign?

It generally takes 2–5 days to deploy a direct mail campaign. Your project’s specific design needs and the approval process may affect the timeline.

What do I get with my direct mail campaign purchase?

Your purchases covers the following costs:

  • Full-color or black-and-white printing of your postcard, brochure, or letter
  • Addressing and mailing the direct mail piece to your list
What file types and sizes are supported by the Data Enhancement online tool?

Our online tool can process spreadsheets that contain up to 50,000 rows and 100 columns; the maximum file size is 30MB. Acceptable file types are CSV, XLS, XLSX, and tab delimited. To enhance a larger file, please call 877.708.3844.

What information can I append to my current customer file?

For business appends, you can add: company name and address (includes ACE postal standardization), contact name, title, and gender; phone number; fax number; SIC code, employee size range; sales volume range; and website URL.

The following data can be added with consumer appends: phone number; gender; marital status; home value; presence of children; own/rent indicator; length of residence; location type; and income range.

What is the turnaround time once my file has been uploaded?

Depending on the file size, processing times can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Timeframes will vary for larger orders requiring the assistance of a marketing expert.

Why did a record have an email appended, but no demographic information?

Some of the email addresses used in our Email Append service are not yet matched to a record within our databases. As a result, you may occasionally receive an email address that doesn’t include demographic information.

What is Customer Data?

Customer Data gives you the ability to use Salesgenie for both acquisition and retention marketing. Simply upload your customer file and Salesgenie will match your records with its own database. All matched records can be marked as current customers using lead status icons. You can also add custom tags to identify common traits and keep your lists organized. All data and marketing services will be available for your matched customer records.

Will I see my data on Salesgenie?

Only Salesgenie data will be displayed. We match your customer record to the Salesgenie database and display the Salesgenie version of your customer record. The record will be flagged with a customer lead status icon or you can assign a tag ID.

Will I see all records that I upload on Salesgenie?

Only records that we match to Salesgenie will be available for display; those unable to be matched will not be displayed.

Can I add lead status icons and tags to my customers?

Yes. When uploading your file you will be able to add the customer lead status icon (or any other lead status icon) as well as custom tags to your file. Any matched records will receive the chosen icons and/or tags.

What is the turnaround time once my file has been uploaded?

Depending on the file size, processing times can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Timeframes will vary for larger orders requiring the assistance of a marketing expert.

What file types and sizes are supported by the Customer Data online tool?

Our online tool can process spreadsheets that contain up to 50,000 rows and 100 columns; the maximum file size is 30MB. Acceptable file types are CSV, XLS, XLSX, and tab delimited. To enhance a larger file, please call 877.708.3844.

Is there an additional fee to use Customer Data?

Please contact your account representative for pricing information.

Can I see additional information about my customers that I didn’t already have?

Yes. You will be able to view the information that Salesgenie has about your customer by viewing the record details in Salesgenie. This will help you to ensure your customer records are accurate and up to date.

Can I see my customers on a map?

Yes. Customer Data allows you to distinguish customers from prospects by plotting your records’ lead status icons on a map.

Am I able to upload a customer file for other users in my organization?

Yes. Contact your account representative to learn more.

What is Salesgenie Dialer?

The Salesgenie Dialer is an online calling tool, available to U.S. Business database subscribers, that lets customers easily contact leads, view detailed company information, and create personalized notes and follow-ups, all in one place. Salespeople and teams can dial directly from Salesgenie and eliminate steps in their sales process to increase productivity.

How do you set up a Salesgenie Dialer account?

If you are an active Salesgenie subscriber, start by clicking on any clickable phone number in the quick view panel. You will be taken through a very simple one-time setup process:

  1. Enter the phone number you want associated with your account. Phone numbers can only be associated with one Salesgenie account. Be sure to use your direct line rather than a main office line to ensure you can accept the setup call.
  2. Accept the setup call to verify your phone number. During the call, you will be prompted to enter a unique code from your setup screen.
  3. You’re all set!
How do you initiate a single call?

When the Salesgenie Dialer setting is turned on, the phone number in the quick view panel (located on the right side of the screen) will be displayed as a button. Clicking the button will initiate the single call mode, and will begin by connecting to the Salesgenie Dialer.

How do you initiate a calling campaign?

When the Salesgenie Dialer setting is turned on, click on the Call Campaign icon located above the Salesgenie Lead Manager to initiate a calling campaign. When in call campaign mode, you can call an entire list of leads. You will be prompted to save the campaign. All of your call campaigns are managed in Saved Searches.

Can you pause the Salesgenie Dialer?

No, you are not able to pause the Salesgenie Dialer. We have added the 60-second countdown between calls to allow time to finish up notes, add tags, etc. The countdown’s length of time can be decreased to any amount between 0 and 60 seconds in the My Account section.

Can you skip a lead within a call campaign?

Yes, you are able to skip around the lead list during a call campaign and maintain connection to the Salesgenie Dialer. During the 60-second countdown between calls, you can select any record in the list to call. Once a different record is selected in view, you will have the option to place a call or disconnect from the Salesgenie Dialer.

Can you view another record in the quick view panel while connected to a call?

Yes, you are able to view a different record in the quick view panel while connected to a call. When another record is in view, you will see a green call bar at the top of the panel that allows you to easily get back to your connected call.

Can you see previously called records in a call campaign?

During a call campaign, previously called records are highlighted in gray. Selecting a previously called record will display a gray phone icon in the quick view summary. You also have the option to call a previously called lead.

How do you exit a call campaign?

While you are in an active call campaign, the icon above the grid will toggle to Exit Campaign. You can click on Exit Campaign to return to the list mode.

Where can I see my call history?

You are able to view your call history by clicking the My Account tab, and then clicking the Dialer tab within that section.

What web browser do you recommend for Salesgenie Dialer?

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the Salesgenie Dialer.

What is Salesgenie Lead Manager?

Salesgenie Lead Manager launched on March 4, 2014. Based on customer feedback that will improve the management of leads, it’s designed to provide a more efficient way to track and measure your sales leads, while reducing the need for spreadsheets. Included were updates to the Salesgenie interface, such as customizable displays, a new right-panel quick view, tagging, and new lead status icons. View this video for more information.

What is lead status?

Lead status gives you a new way to quickly qualify a record when working through your prospects. To update a record’s lead status, simply add one of five available icons: Hot, Warm, Cold, Customer, and Dead.

Can I customize my Salesgenie Lead Manager display screen?

Salesgenie Lead Manager gives you the power to customize your display so you can instantly view the data that is most important to you within your search results. Simply clicking on the blue wheel icon allows you to customize the columns that are displayed in the search results table; fields can be shown or hidden by checking or unchecking the display box. You can also drag and drop fields to rearrange their order.

What is the right-panel quick view?

We’ve replaced the magnifying glass icon and reinvented the quick view popup by moving it to a right-side panel. Now you can select a prospect record and instantly view additional summary information without the distraction of a popup. In this section, you can identify tags, add and view notes, and see additional contacts where available.

Do we still charge a credit for printing and downloading?

Yes, we will still charge a credit for printing, downloading, and adding to a contact manager.

Are credits still deducted when I add notes to my sales leads?

No. Prior to our recent update, credits were deducted upon entering notes. Now you can type freely, entering as many notes as needed in order to properly document what you want to remember the next time you work on the lead.

What are the icons on the results page?

There are a total of four icons displayed on the far left side of the search results table. The first icon indicates the presence of notes; the second icon indicates the presence of tags; the third icon indicates that a record has been exported/bought for printing or downloading; and the fourth displays the lead status icon.

Are there any changes to paging?

We have changed the default number of records per page from 25 to 30. You can also control whether your display shows 30, 60, or 90 records per page.

What are the numbers on the far left column of the search results?

We have added record numbers to the table to help you easily remember where you left off when running through your search results. In addition, there’s a new “Jump to” feature that enables you to quickly go to a specific record number.

What is a tag?

Tagging is a way to add one or more unique labels to each prospect record. You can create up to 100 unique tags to help identify common traits among your prospects. For example, tagging can be used to identify and suppress a Do Not Call status. Tags can be customized to suit your own needs.

What are the minimum system requirements for accessing Salesgenie?

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Apple iOS 7 or later


Internet Explorer 11 or later
Firefox (latest version)
Chrome (latest version)
Safari (latest version)

What is your privacy policy?

To view our privacy policy, click here.

What are your terms and conditions?

To view our terms and conditions, click here.

Is your site secure?

Yes, all credit card information entered on our site is sent through a secure connection, using 128-bit encryption.

What do the buttons do within the Salesgenie Dialer?

Single Call Mode:

Call – When you click Call, the phone you have connected to the Salesgeine Dialer will ring. After you answer, the Salesgenie Dialer will connect then call the lead’s phone number.

End Call – When you click End Call, the Salesgenie Dialer will first disconnect your call with the lead, and then disconnect your phone from the Salesgenie Dialer.

Call Campaign Mode:

Call – When you click Call, the phone you have connected to the Salesgeine Dialer will ring. After you answer, the Salesgenie Dialer will connect then call the lead’s phone number.

End Call – When you click End Call, the Salesgenie Dialer will disconnect your call with the lead and begin a 60 second countdown. Your phone will remain connected to the Salesgenie Dialer until the 60 seconds runs out. During that 60-second timeframe, you have the option to click Next Call to stay connected to Salesgenie Dialer. If no action is taken within the 60 seconds, the Salesgenie Dialer will disconnect from your phone.

Next Call – When you click Next Call, the Salesgenie Dialer will connect with the next lead in the queue. Your phone will remain connected. If a phone number is designated as Not Available, the Salesgenie Dialer will skip over that record and continue.

Call Ended – The Call Ended button will temporarily appear while a call is disconnecting. It will only be visible for one second and it is not clickable.

Redial – When you click Redial, the Salesgenie Dialer will begin calling the record that was last dialed.

What is Salesgenie Performance Tracking?

Salesgenie Performance Tracking allows you to track lead activity and sales conversions. Performance Tracking leverages the Salesgenie Lead Manager™ interface to report which records have been worked, not worked, or converted into a customer.

Why did we build Salesgenie Performance Tracking?

To give sales managers the ability to track progress and understand their average lifetime value of conversions.  With Performance Tracking, managers can quickly assess performance and modify sales plans as needed.

Where can I use Salesgenie Performance Tracking?

Currently Performance Tracking is only available in Salesgenie Team. It can be enabled with Salesgenie Admin.

What reporting is available?

The primary user has access to sales rep performance reporting through the Salesgenie Team dashboard.  In addition to current Team reports, the primary user can now see:

  1. Sales pipeline line chart for leads worked and leads converted by day, week, month, or quarter.
  2. Charted activity by all lists, individual lists, or multiple lists including conversions and the ability to map lists from the dashboard page.
  3. Charted activity by all team members, individual team members, or multiple team members.
What do the green people icons represent on the pipeline chart?

They indicate that you have customers in the “won” status for that time interval.

Can primary users run marketing campaigns?

Yes, primary users are able to run email, direct mail, and dialing campaigns if the database has this functionality available. Campaigns can be purchased for an additional cost.

Can secondary users see the Performance Tracking dashboard?

Secondary users have access to the new user interface plus they can see their own assigned leads with progress and view their own customer conversions.

Can secondary users compare their progress with other sales reps?

Not at this time, we will add functionality for secondary users in the near future.

Do you provide any online documentation?

Salesgenie provides several online tutorials that can be accessed from the home page. Click on the “View Tutorials” icon to view these tutorials.  This icon is only available for primary users.

Can I view Performance Tracking through the mobile app?

Not at this time though we may add this view in the future.

Has searching changed?

Primary users still have the ability to run searches and build prospecting lists from the databases that they subscribe to.  The entry points of searching from the dashboard page have changed, but all existing search criteria and capability are the same.

Why can’t I see my databases?

To access a search, click on the top left search button. Your available databases will be shown.

How do I search for a business?

To search for a business, click the “Search for Leads” icon on the screen. All of your subscribed databases will be displayed. Click on the desired database icon and choose “Find a Business” in the drop down menu.

Where are my lists and leads?

Lists and leads are still available on the dashboard page. The content has been reorganized to improve the user experience.

Can I assign records from the dashboard page?

Yes, you can assign records directly from the “My Leads” list view.

Can I see all active, inactive, and idle data?

Yes. Lists and users will be shown by most recent activity.

How do I set up Performance Tracking?

Performance Tracking will automatically be enabled on all Salesgenie Team.

What is “Customers” based on?

This is calculated from the average sale amount as well as the length of a typical client relationship provided to our customer support team during onboarding.

What does the “View All Customers” link show?

It shows a list of all customer conversions by database including all records that were uploaded and assigned a lead status of “customer.”

Why are there records shown in this area?

The most recent customers won will be shown so users can see a quick summary of conversion activity.

Does the lead status assignment during upload show up in converted customer calculations?

No. Only leads worked within Salesgenie Team will show up in the customer conversion section.

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