Five Things We Learned from the Big Storms in 2016

Did you get hit with a lot of snow this year? Whether you did (or did not!) there were some lessons that Salesgenie learned from the changing weather. That’s why, this month, we have made a list of things that you can learn from big storms or unpredictable weather. Best of all, it doesn’t matter how large or small your business is. A blizzard-sized budget isn’t necessary to implement these creative ideas.

  1. Make a forecast: By planning ahead with your marketing, you’re able to better prepare for what is on the horizon. Additionally, looking ahead ensures that your company stays on top of issues that may present themselves, because you’re better prepared for them! For example, if bad weather is pending, create an email ahead of time that you can send to customers letting them know that you are open and ready to help them! You may not need it, but you’ll have it waiting if you do.
  2. Adapt: We all have some tried and true phrases or pitches we turn to when we’re selling. However, by adapting to your customers (or to weather!) you’re more likely to be successful. If you’ve spoken with someone before, refer back to previous conversations you’ve had. If it’s a new customer, listen for hints that may clue you in to who they are. Is there a dog barking in the background? Do they mention a child? Don’t be afraid to adapt your style to meet their needs.
  3. Prepare: Sales, like weather predictions, can veer off course. While you can’t always know what is coming your way, you should always be prepared (with groceries or otherwise). Examine your current process and determine if you’re ready for the most unlikely scenario. For instance, are your employees set up to work at home from their computers if they can’t make it into the office? Do you have a backup call center in case one call center loses electricity in a storm? By knowing what could happen, and being ready for it, you’re more likely to achieve success.
  4. Join the conversation: There’s nothing worse than feeling “stir crazy.” That’s why a lot of people turn to social media during bad weather. They’re able to stay in the loop via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other sites simply by joining the conversation. Take part in liking, tweeting, sharing and more. Create a special “social media only” offer that requires the use of a promo code, which may attract new customers.
  5. Change your focus: When you don’t like the weather happening outside your window, you turn to something else. When you feel your sales turning stale, do the same thing. Do this by changing a line in your pitch, rewriting a follow-up email that isn’t generating results you want, or by trying to get in touch with a customer you’ve never been able to reach. By changing your focus and seeing things differently, you may surprise yourself with what you find.

What did your sales team learn from the 2016 snow storms that you can share with us?