Creative Recommendations

Acquiring your customers via email campaigns is a marketing science that continues to evolve. Several Salesgenie teams have collaborated in an effort to provide you with the means necessary to make your email campaigns a success. This section pertains to creative recommendations. While the specific best practices continue to evolve, these helpful suggestions will point any marketer in the right direction.

Creative Recommendations – Design for Visual Appeal

Subject Line

Keep the subject line to 49 characters or less. 
A longer subject line may get cut off.


Feature the brand logo prominently in the message.

Headers & Pre-Headers

Use of message headers and navigation menus is recommended. Consider using a “pre-header” to greet the user just above where your email begins. It should contain a short email summary plus a call to action.


Use universally available fonts (Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, or Times New Roman). Additionally, minimize the number of fonts, sizes, and colors used for an overall more efficient look and design.


Use ALT tags in the HTML code for each image used in the HTML design. Minimize graphics and images to logos, photos of products, or situational photos that support the message and appeal to the target audience visually.

Message Length

Keep the message short and to the point (one page maximum in length).

Key Selling Points

Use bullets to illustrate the key selling points, which will tell the user why they should respond to the call-to-action.


The call-to-action should be clear and the hyperlink should be prominently displayed
 in multiple locations if the purpose is to drive customers to your website or an intermediate landing page. Include an “offer end date” to suggest urgency. The offer should be unique to your company rather than similar to offers available from your competitors.

Social Marketing Element

Include share buttons for one or more social marketing sites. This will enhance credibility and help your campaign to go “viral.”

Mobile Marketing

Be sure to utilize a template that will render in a mobile device, i.e., smartphone or tablet.

Don’t Discount Branding

Even if a recipient does not open your email, they can view your “from” line (brand name) and your offer in the subject line. This often adds up to a favorable impression of your company when crafted carefully.

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Technical Design Recommendations

  • Do not use the comments feature in the HTML code of your email as they can potentially trigger spam flagging.
  • Provide an email contact that the recipient can reach if they’re having trouble.
  • Keep the width of the HTML message under 650 pixels to ensure the design is not cut off.
  • Keep the message size under 50KB for consumer emails and under 75KB for business emails to optimize download time and deliverability.
  • Minimize the use of images involved in your design. Multiple images may mean a potential customer can’t download your message.
  • The higher the ratio of image-to-text area in an HTML, the higher the SPAM score.
  • Text within any images needs to be a larger size to avoid blurriness. You can review this before sending or Salesgenie can check it for you.
  • Test your content rendering with Return Path and Pivotal Veracity 
to provide campaign preview reporting for a real-time snapshot of how your email content is rendering across all major ISPs and mobile devices.

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