Targeting Recommendations

Targeting the right audience is vital to your email campaigns. Below, we’ve listed both best practices and some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right customers to contact. While many areas of email campaigns continue to evolve, targeting your audience is always an important rule to follow.

Targeting Recommendations – Be Relevant

Review the demographic, geographic and lifestyle characteristics of your best customers and look to reach an audience of similar prospects. If you’re not clear on how your customers are represented, Salesgenie has both data analysts and product offerings that can help. One such tool is the Customer Cloner tool. With it, you can create new prospect lists similar to your existing customers based upon geographic location, sales volume, household income and more. Learn more about the Customer Cloner tool by signing up for a Free 3-Day Risk Free Trial.

Knowing your target audience prior to launching an email campaign will give you the best chance for success.

It’s important to note that ISPs (internet service providers) are becoming increasingly choosy over which message gets to land in someone’s inbox. A campaign that does not reach a targeted audience could prove detrimental to future email campaigns, which is both difficult and costly to overcome.

How do you make your offer irresistible to customers? Regardless of what you’re selling, it’s important that you follow a four-step formula.

Give your customer something they want

Many companies try to offer what they feel a customer needs, but what we want and want we need is often very different.

Give your customer a reason to take action now

People are busy. People procrastinate. Give them incentive to act fast.

Beware the WIIFM factor

What’s In It For Me is going to be a primary factor in purchase choice. If there’s not a clear benefit, why should they act?

Give customers more value than risk

It’s not just about the price, it’s also about everything that comes with that cost. Is it worth the investment?

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Target the Right Audience

Segment your audience based on specific sales criteria, including:

  • Type of Business including whether they are public or private
  • Companies within a specific ZIP code
  • Office size or square footage
  • Sales Volume

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