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Learn More About Salesgenie

Watch these videos to learn the ins and outs of Salesgenie. They’re short, yet packed with all the best tips and tricks—so you can be a Salesgenie expert in no time at all. We’re always adding more videos; be sure to check back often.


Why Use Salesgenie

Welcome to Salesgenie

Take a look at all that Salesgenie can offer you. Access the best sales leads available and so much more.

Salesgenie Overview

Learn more about Salesgenie and find out how it can help improve your sales process.

Salesgenie Data Quality

Get an inside look at our industry-leading data compilation processes.

Salesgenie Lead Manager™

Discover how Salesgenie Lead Manager can help you save time and close more sales.

Salesgenie Dialer™

Find out how you can call, research, and qualify your leads with Salesgenie.

Customer Data

See how easy it is to use Salesgenie to manage your customer and prospect data together.

Salesgenie Team

Salesgenie Team — everything you need to create a custom list, assign leads, track progress, and measure success.

Salesgenie Direct Mail

Use Salesgenie for all of your marketing needs including direct mail, email campaigns, prospecting campaigns, and more.

How to Use Salesgenie

Targeting Business Leads

Discover how to use Salesgenie to target the perfect business prospects for your business.

Targeting Consumer Leads

Watch this informative video to see how easy it is to find your ideal consumer prospects.

Prospect Mapping Tool

See how you can accurately target and refine your list of prospects with our innovative mapping tool.

Direct Mail Campaign Builder

Learn how to use Salesgenie to design, print, and send a postcard to your best prospects.

Email Campaign Builder

Discover how Salesgenie can help you design, send, and track a custom email to your prospects.

Salesgenie Lead Manager™:
Quick View Panel

See just how easy it is to review key details about your prospects from the quick view panel.

Salesgenie Lead Manager™:
Custom Views

Find out how to customize your views and see only the information that’s most relevant to you.

Salesgenie Lead Manager™:
Notes & Lead Status

Learn how to save notes and add lead status icons to stay organized and on top of your sales process.

Salesgenie Lead Manager™:

See how Salesgenie Lead Manager’s custom tags can help you organize your sales leads.

Business Resources

Registering for a SAN Number

Get step-by-step instructions to register for a Subscription Account Number (SAN).

Why Salesgenie?

More than just a lead generation tool, Salesgenie gives you everything you need to grow your business with new customers. Easily find and manage sales leads, research detailed prospect profiles, build marketing lists, enhance your current customer data, and create and send effective marketing and advertising campaigns—all from one place.

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