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Salesgenie Webinars

Learn Something New

When you want to learn more about the products and services offered by Salesgenie, including how to use them, sign up for a free webinar! We offer several different presentations, each tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Salesgenie Upgrade

We’re excited to share with you the details around the latest Salesgenie upgrade.

How Insurance Agents Can Find New Prospects

Whether you focus on commercial or residential insurance, this webinar is going to help you find those targeted leads. We will show you a variety of demographics specifically for the insurance industry.

Finding Your Target Audience - Business

With more than 25 million businesses available in the Salesgenie database, where should you begin? This webinar will show you how to leverage our business data and find the most targeted prospects.

Finding Your Target Audience - Consumer

When you need to find fresh, targeted consumer prospects, we can help. Our database contains 245 million consumers and this webinar will show you how to target your most ideal prospects.

Working as one with Salegenie Team

Stay on top of your sales team’s prospecting efforts with help from this webinar. Find out how to assign leads, track success, and collaborate more effectively with Salesgenie Team.

Essentials of Direct Mail

Effectively reach new and current prospects with direct mail. Learn about current market trends, best practices, and more in this informative webinar.

Prospecting Best Practices

We’ll take you back through the basics of how to set your prospecting efforts up for success. Watch the webinar now.

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