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Customer Worth
How to Calculate Customer Worth

Calculating customer worth is important to the continued efforts of growing your business. Here’s what you need to do.

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Salesgenie & Salesforce
Salesgenie Improves Data Integration With Salesforce

Salesgenie is continuing to improve its integration into Salesforce with innovative changes to better your overall experience.

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September Database Update
September 2018 Database Update

Check out the September 2018 database update for Salesgenie. Our six powerful databases are always being updated to give you the best information.

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Sales Pipeline Math: Meeting Your Revenue Goal (Infographic)

The right sales pipeline math can be the leading factor to cause you to sink or swim when trying to meet your goals. Here’s what you need to remember.

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These janitorial business tips will help you succeed.
4 Janitorial Business Tips for Finding Commercial Clients

We have several strategies for your janitorial business to target commercial clients and grow your business. Get the information you need right now.

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You need to avoid these email prospecting mistakes.
5 Email Prospecting Mistakes That Will Sink Your Sales

Learn about five common email prospecting mistakes to avoid when emailing a prospect so you ensure you have winning campaigns.

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Here are some of the best sales team KPIs.
5 of the Best Sales Team KPIs

Learn about five of the best sales team KPIs to track the performance of your group. We break down the essentials you need to know.

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This is the secret to generating the most business leads.
How to Generate the Most Business Leads

These are some of the best strategies and tips to help you generate the most business leads. Learn more.

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Finding new insurance clients can be this easy.
5 Hacks for Finding New Insurance Clients You Need to Know

Find new insurance clients today with these five hacks that will keep you ahead of the competition. You'll want to write these down.

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Search engine marketing can help you find new pest control customers.
The Best Way to Find New Pest Control Customers

Learn about the best way to find new pest control customers using Salesgenie. We have all the information you need to secure more clients.

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CRM integration
How To Integrate Salesgenie Into Your CRM

Salesgenie can integrate into your CRM to provide value to your company even if you already have defined sales and marketing workflows and tools.

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Expert tips from sales managers
10 Expert Sales Manager Tips That Will Make You Succeed

These 10 expert sales manager tips create a winning formula for you and your team to succeed every time.

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