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Use Salesgenie to Manage Your Customer Communications

With Customer Data, you have the power to manage data on your customers and prospects—all in one convenient place. Simply upload your customer file into our easy-to-use tool and we’ll match your records to our existing data. Then you can take advantage of Salesgenie’s advanced searching, sorting, mapping, and exporting capabilities.

Customer Data will help you:

Email your customers
Send email campaigns to your current customers

Save time and resources
Manage your customer and prospect data in one convenient online tool

Uncover new opportunities for referrals
See which prospects are close to current customers

Improve customer relationships
Discover more about your current customers and increase communications

Get more out of sales trips
Plot customers and prospects together on a map and plan meetings accordingly

What you can expect

Customer Data’s innovative features include:

Customer files mapping display

Customer data management
Easily search, query, and export details about your customers.

Email your customer and prospects from Salesgenie and get detailed reporting.

Customer suppression
Quickly suppress customer records from your prospecting lists.

Status and tagging
Automatically add status icons and custom tags to customer records matched within our databases.

Plot customers and prospects together on a map for your sales force to use in the field.

Discover How Customer Data Works

View our short video to learn more about Customer Data.

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