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Customer Data

With Salesgenie’s Customer Data features to search advanced, sorting, mapping, and exporting capabilities. Simply upload your customer file. More Info.

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Enterprise Data Users

Salesgenie is the data alternative to that you need. We provide real-time business intelligence right into Salesforce.

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Salesgenie Team Quick Start

Salesgenie Team quick start will help you find new customers and grow your sales. Contact the dedicated sales and marketing experts at Salesgenie.

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Team Package

The Salesgenie Team package is designed for sales teams who are looking to boost productivity as well as collaboration.

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Small Business Owners

Salesgenie helps small business owners in all industries find and reach the high-quality sales leads available. Access Salesgenie to grow your sales.

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Salesgenie Dialer

Salesgenie Dialer is great for increasing the call volume by 15%. The features include saving notes, scheduling calls with the click of a button.

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Salesgenie Data Quality

Salesgenie data quality is one of the most important things we strive to bring to our thousands of users. Get everything you need and more.

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Sales Professionals

Salesgenie helps sales professionals in all industries to reach the highest-quality sales leads available. You can get targeted leads quickly. Learn More.

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Salesgenie Professional Package

The Salesgenie professional package is an all-in-one sales lead generation and marketing tool.

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Form 5500 Data

Find the right audience for your insurance, retirement, and other services with form 5500 data.

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Packages Overview

See the Salesgenie packages overview to determine which of our products will best serve your personal or business needs. Read more.

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Mailing Lists

Build a highly targeted, accurate mailing list with Salesgenie. Deliver your message straight to prospects’ door with a direct mail campaign. Read more.

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