Simplify Your Sales

As a sales professional, leads are the bread and butter of what you do.
And whether you're a sales manager or you're a rep on the frontlines, you
need as many targeted leads as you can get, as fast as you can get them.

That's why you need Salesgenie. Not only does it provide unlimited access to
high-quality prospecting leads, but it has lots of other great features designed
to help you be successful at your job.

Sales professionals

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Sales Managers like Salesgenie for its:

Easy-to-use lead generator
Quickly find prospecting leads for your team so they can stay focused on
meeting their sales goals.

Option to manage multiple account users
Available multi-user packages will help you keep team members'
lead lists organized while avoiding duplication of efforts.

Tools to improve efficiency
Handy Salesgenie Lead Manager™ features and convenient 24/7 access mean
that team members can spend more time selling.

Sales professionals

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Sales Reps prefer Salesgenie for its:

Unlimited access to quality prospecting leads
Easily pinpoint ideal prospects from our industry-leading
consumer and business databases.

Lead management features
Salesgenie Lead Manager™ makes it simple to view, sort, and
keep track of sales leads—all in one place.

Convenient access online and via the mobile app
Access Salesgenie wherever, whenever through its website and
handy mobile app.

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